Estate & Trust Taxes and Accounting

Acting as an executor or adminstrator of an estate can be a difficult job, usually at a difficult time.  Locating and understanding financial records and dealing with family issues are just some difficulties associated with this function.  We specialize in record-keeping and tax services for estates and trusts, so you won’t have to worry if you’ve fulfilled your fiduciary duties.  We’ll organize all of the investment and tax records, and do all required tax filings.  We’ll also guide you through the process of planning your estate and work with other professionals to accomplish your goals.  Our firm is a member of the Estate Planning Council of Eastern New York, and we attend their regular meetings and educational sessions in Albany.  We’ve worked with attorneys from all over the Capital District and helped to administer dozens of estates, for clients in Albany, Troy, and beyond.



The “Non-Probate Revolution” – Estate Tax and Administration Issues

Consequences of the Non-Probate Revolution:  Tax and  Administration Issues for Estates By  Richard W. Mulvey, CPA, MA The term “non-probate revolution” is generally attributed to law professor John H. Langbein, who, while at the University of Chicago in 1984, published a seminal work that examined the declining importance of the probate process  and with it, the future of the laws of […]

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JUN 11

Special Tax Breaks Costly and Complicated

Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to create tax-free business zones on New York State’s college campuses has had at least one positive influence on public policy discourse in Albany.  It has brought to light the reality that our federal and New York State tax codes are composed mainly of dozens and dozens of special tax breaks granted […]

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"Rick Mulvey and his staff have prepared our income taxes for the last decade, and they're always there to consult with us if we have any questions.  Their fees are reasonable, and their service is outstanding.  Don't risk preparing your own tax returns!"

Charles, Saratoga, NY
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