The Fraud Within – Workplace Fraud and Embezzlement

I am pleased and grateful to announce the release of my new book “The Fraud Within – Workplace Fraud & Embezzlement:  Face It, Find It, Fix It.”   Now available in paperback and Kindle on! The book details the many types of workplace fraud and embezzlement that business owners discover every day, how to recognize […]

Cryptocurrency and Divorce: New Challenges for Forensic Accountants

Cryptocurrency and Divorce:  New Challenges for Forensic Accountants The New Offshore Account: Like any new technology, cryptocurrency has potential to be truly disruptive in the world economy, to revolutionize how we pay for things and how we store money.  With any new tech breakthrough, positive things can come out of it.  On the flip side, […]

Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency Transactions

Iced Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks this morning?  Groceries at Whole Foods?  Household items at Bed, Bath & Beyond?  These are just a few of the hundreds of retailers that are accepting #Bitcoin and other #cryptocurrencies as payment.  Other major retailers dealing in crypto include Shopify, Microsoft, GameStop and Overstock.  Flashing your Bitcoin wallet at a […]

The “Non-Probate Revolution” – Estate Tax and Administration Issues

Consequences of the Non-Probate Revolution:  Tax and  Administration Issues for Estates By  Richard W. Mulvey, CPA, MA The term “non-probate revolution” is generally attributed to law professor John H. Langbein, who, while at the University of Chicago in 1984, published a seminal work that examined the declining importance of the probate process  and with it, the future of the laws of […]

Special Tax Breaks Costly and Complicated

Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to create tax-free business zones on New York State’s college campuses has had at least one positive influence on public policy discourse in Albany.  It has brought to light the reality that our federal and New York State tax codes are composed mainly of dozens and dozens of special tax breaks granted […]

Income Tax Updates – The Taxman Giveth…and Taketh

The federal government, through tax and monetary policies, is continuing to try to put more money in the hands of consumers.  As a continuation of its 2008 and 2009 Stimulus legislation, Washington has enacted more income tax credits and rebates for individuals.  This is in stark contrast to New York State’s recent income tax changes, […]

More Tax Breaks for First-time Homebuyers

“The best way to jump-start the housing market is to encourage home purchases by first-time homebuyers,” Governor David A. Paterson said recently.  Following on the heels of the federal government’s two income tax credits for first-time homebuyers, New York State has enacted another tax break in an effort to jump-start the housing market.  The New […]